Interior Design and Refurbishment Using Stylish Vinyl Wall Coverings

– Whether you are considering a renovation project in the home or at your place of business, our vinyl wall coverings offer you greater flexibility than traditional wall coverings such as paint or wall paper. Besides giving you access to a huge range of solid colours, patterns and textures, our architectural vinyl coverings offer you the ability to co-ordinate your choice of wall vinyl colours and textures across a wide variety of your furnishings should you so choose.

Style and Substance with Savings..

Home refurbishment with Vinyl Wall Wraps


Used widely in retail and commercial spaces to create more luxurious and inviting environments, vinyl wrapping for home interior design projects is now used more and more as a cost effective way of breathing new life into refurbishment and renovation projects whatever the size.


For all types of living areas including bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens, Framewrap UK’s coverings offer a clean, quick, and hygienic solution to enable you to upgrade entire rooms without the fuss or mess of traditional re-decoration or renovation processes. Not only are they functional, but they are fantastic to look at too!


With our range of textured coverings you can seamlessly recreate shabby-chic, retro or extravagant looking rooms by using more luxurious vinyls finished in the style of leather, marble, brick or even precious metals.

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Potential Savings v Refurb


Years Guarantee *
* On most vinyl types


+ Textures & Colours


+ Surface Types Covered

Limitless Colour and Texture Options…

Choose from over 1000 colours, textures and finishes to create the style you are looking for. From simple solid colours to textiles, natural stone, embossed or oxydised metals, leather, marble, brick or carbon, the possibilities to get creative with your refurb projects are limitless.

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Great Aesthetics

Mimic almost any natural texture or style you wish to with our full range of great looking vinyl coverings

Money Saving

Save up to 50% on the cost of regular refurbishment costs whilst achieving the same visual results.

Quick & Clean Installation

Quick and easy installation without the mess that usually accompanies a classic refurbishment project


Guaranteed for 10 years against cracking, peeling, scaling or discolouration


Rated A+ on VOC tests (indoor emissions), UV and weather resistant and fire resistant.

Washable & Hygienic

Ultra quick and simple to maintain, our vinyls also help protect against the growth of mould

Seamless Look

200 to 350 microns thick depending on the type of vinyl used, creating seamlessly authentic results


Heated application means our vinyls can be stretched 220% to the contours of intricate furnishings & surfaces

From interior walls & kitchen upgrades, to leisure outlets or external building facades, we cover the lot...

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